Savior For My Thinning Hair

Ever suffered from hair loss or think that your hair is thinning, but don’t seem to be able to reverse the process no matter what you do ? You are definitely not alone.

I am sharing my experience with you and hope you will be equipped with more knowledge on your journey in battling the same hair thinning issue as mine. During my monthly scalp therapy treatments, my therapist has recommended me to take Viviscal hair growth supplement to accelerate my hair growth in conjunction with the treatments. I really appreciate her for selflessly sharing with me that many of her customers decided to improve and sustain their scalp and hair health by taking Viviscal instead of keep going back for (extremely!) expensive scalp treatments. This product must have impressed her so much that she is willing to cannibalize her major income stream to recommend it to her customers.

My 5-month experience with Viviscal has been nothing short of phenomenal – I’ve taken photos to evidence my hair and scalp improvement. You can see from the first photo that I not only suffer from thinning hair but also have lot of white hair.  After consuming Viviscal for 5 months, my thinning hair has thickened till my bald patch is no longer noticeable as you can see from Day 1 photo (when I first started treatment) compared to Day 150 photo. A lot of baby hair has been growing at my hair line too,  and you can see quite clearly my overall hair texture is shinier and thicker.  Not to mention, that my hair is also growing faster (it has grown 2 inches in last 2 months!).

It’s hard to believe that it’s been bearly 5 months since I first started scalp therapy along with Viviscal hair growth supplement. Looking at this result on hindsight, I really wished I knew about Viviscal much earlier, and then perhaps I would have prevented all the agony of seeing my crowning glory thinning day after day !! I’ve since stopped my hair treatments after first 3 months, and now using Viviscal to maintain my hair and scalp health.

I am sure by now you are curious about Viviscal, so let me share more information with you.

Viviscal hair growth supplement is a dietary supplement that is 100% drug free. It is manufactured by Lifes2good Natural Healthcare. It is designed for both male and female seeking to slow hair thinning and to reduce hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, which can be due to genetics, age, stress, certain oral contraceptives, a poor diet, over-styling, smoking and hormonal influences.

Viviscal is marketed as being able to nourish and promote hair growth especially for those suffering from thinning hair. There are many endorsements of Viviscal by celebrities, touting that it has transformed their hair. The Viviscal brand has garnered an excellent reputation in the fashion, beauty, and health industry having received positive press and mentions in some of the most prestigious media outlets. The current roster of famous—unpaid—fans includes Cate Blanchett, Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Cynthia Nixon and Christina Aguilera. A-list hairstylists like Orlando Pita also offered their own unsolicited endorsements.

However, it is important to note that USA FDA does not endorse any dietary supplements for treatment of any disease or disorder.

Ingredients Of Viviscal

There are different versions of Viviscal and I have listed their ingredients below so that you can compare and decide which is more suitable for you if you decide to try it.

Please do note that Viviscal® Professional is generally only available in clinics, so those people that procure online or from unauthorized channels (which attracts with lower price) will have to take the risk of ending up with counterfeit products.

There are 3 main Viviscal products in the market that you can choose from and below is a closer look into the various ingredients.  I am using the Viviscal Extra Strength and started taking 2 tablets a day (once in the morning and once in the evening after food).  I plan to reduce to 1 tablet of maintenance dose after 6 months.

  1. Viviscal Man   Hair nutrient hair loss vitamins for Men.  Contains AminoMar C™ marine complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Horsetail Extract, Flax Seed Extract, etc.
  2. Viviscal Extra Strength   Nourish thinning hair, promotes existing hair growth from within. Contains AminoMar C™ marine complex, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail Extract, Iron, etc.
  3. Viviscal Professional   Professional Strength hair growth supplement that contains AminoMar C™ marine complex, Biotin, Apple Extract (Procyanidin B-2), Niacin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, etc

Ingredients : 

  • AminoMar C™ Marine Complex: AminoMar C™ is a proprietary marine compex available exclusively in Viviscal® hair growth supplement. In the 1980’s, a professor from Scandinavia discovered that the Inuit people’s great hair and skin was the result of their fish and protein rich diet. He isolated the key molecules in their diet and it was from these origins that AminoMar C™ was created.
  • Biotin: A water-soluble Vitamin B complex(Vitamin B7) it is also called Vitamin H, its functions include the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids in a process that enhances the development of your desired hair form.
  • Iron: An essential nutrient which aids the formation of the red blood cells. These cells in their right composition will enhance the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles hence promoting hair growth. Deficiency in iron is usually identified by thinning and symptoms of anemia.
  • Zinc: The function of Zinc is in the promotion of the healthy division of cells, this includes the cells that support hair growth from the follicles. Hair loss commonly characterizes deficiency in Zinc due to a poor protein structure in the hair.
  • Horsetail Stem Extract: This ingredient is an herbal extract which supports the growth and strengthening of hair and the nails. The horsetail stem extract contains Silica, a compound that promotes hair growth. It is also effective in eliminating dandruff and split ends.
  • L-Methionine: It is one of the important amino acids that promote the rejuvenation of the hair and the skin. It has an overall positive impact on hair growth.
  • L-Cystine: It is another important essential amino acid that aids the rejuvenation of the hair and skin, it promotes hair growth remarkably.
  • Apple Extract: When applied to your hair, apple extracts reduce the hair density and its diameter, subsequently promoting the growth of healthy hair.
  • Vitamin C: The Vitamin C present in Viviscal is sourced from acerola cherry. It is useful for the elimination of free radical which causes damaged hair and skin. Vitamin C also has strong anti-oxidative properties which promote the absorption of iron into the blood, subsequently improving hair growth.

Important Things to Note & Potential Side Effects Of Viviscal

  • It is always advisable to consult your doctor/pharmacist before taking any dietary supplement to ensure it does not interfere with any prescriptive medications (e.g. blood thinners) that you may be taking.
  • Start with less than what is recommended for the first week to see how you respond.
  • Speak to your doctor first if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Stop taking Viviscal at least 2 weeks before having surgery.
  • Speak to your doctor first if you are allergic to fish or shellfish. Viviscal contains shark cartilage.
  • Viviscal has iron, so check to your doctor first if you have hemochromatosis (iron overload disease)
  • Some users have feedback that they gained weight while consuming Viviscal though there no evidence for the ingredients to be causing the weight gain. I have so far maintained my weight in the past 5 months since I started Viviscal.  Drinking more water than you normally do is one of the approach many users took to successfully reap benefits of Viviscal with minimal side effects.
  • Horsetail contains small amount of nicotine. It’s just trace amounts which is very little, but, I noticed it causes me sleep problems if I take Viviscal at night, so I switch to taking it before 6pm. For someone who cannot take any form of caffeine (yes, no coffee/tea/cola for me) as it interrupts my sleep pattern, I am happy to share that Viviscal no longer interrupts my sleep pattern since started to take it earlier.
  • Always try to take Viviscal after food, or I usually at least take it with a cup of milk to avoid potential stomach discomfort like bloating.
  • Viviscal® Professional is 100% drug-free and contains some ingredients of natural origins. On top of that, it is also important to be aware of the potential of supplements’ interaction with prescription and over-the-counter medications, for example, cholesterol-lowering statins and blood-thinning drugs like aspirin and warfarin.

Where To Buy Authentic Viviscal

There has been quite a lot of feedback on the web especially from those who bought from cheaper sources that their products are not as effective as others who used it successfully. As with all popular products, there are counterfeits in the market, so please be wary of unauthorized online sellers.

It is best to purchase from authorised channels to ensure you procure the genuinely effective product and protect your health. I get mine from HERE