Mental Health and Recovery from Abuse

Mental Health and Recovery from Abuse

Ebook Synopsis

A collection of articles aiding recovery from Abuse, including an insight into the Mental Health service. Through the writing my book, I have foundrecovery-abuse-joyce the strength and hope to come back from a very dark place. My greatest wish would be to impart that message to others. We can all achieve that. There is a place deep inside of us that remains untapped, unless you reach your lowest point, and allow the soul within you to take hold. Today my outlook on life is so very different, instead of the glass being half empty, the glass is half full. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; my aim is to reassure that.

After an accident in which I injured my back, I was ill health retired. This has given me the time and dedication to put pen to paper. My life was no longer full, and I found myself with an abundance of alone time, to sit and reflect everything I had tried so hard to bury. Although this has been extremely difficult for me, my hope is that anyone finding themselves in the same type of situation may take some strength from its content. If this book were to be catalogued where would it fall, a true account, a personal autobiography or self-help? The real truth is in all three.



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