The Avant-Garde Life

The Avant-Garde Life

Ebook Synopsis

Have you ever considered what it would be like to ignore everything society has tried to teach you? Do you think you could give up on your careeravant-garde-whiting and go in search of adventure and a life that you actually want to live, rather than the one that has been laid out before you.

This is a book for those who dare to dream. For those who have contemplated quitting their job and jumping into a exciting new world but have never got round to doing it. The Avant-Garde Life might just give you the motivation and confidence to open up and make the change. Using a practical approach, The book is written to carefully deconstruct every conceivable barrier and encourages you to overcome them. This is not just about making a single journey: this is about embracing a totally new way of life; one filled with happiness and fulfilment.




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