Health Benefits and 10 Brilliant Uses of LEMON


Health Benefits and 10 Uses of LemonIf you are looking to stock up on a wonder fruit in your kitchen, look no further than the common lemon!

Lemon is widely used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, mainly for its juice, which has both culinary and cleaning uses.  There are so many ways to harness the power of the small but wonderful lemon, from health applications to home applications…



28 Oct 2017

The DASH Diet


download (3)The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH diet was developed specifically to help people lower high blood pressure, also called hypertension.

The food options available on the DASH diet closely align to the eating plan recommended in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid, with the focus on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, poultry, fish, and nuts. It is a diet low in fat, red meat, and sugar, including sugary drinks…

09 Oct 2017

Ditch These Energy Draining Foods That Cause Unhealthy Weight Gain!


7energy-draining-foodFor something that most individuals do multiple times daily, eating is embroiled in confusion and controversy. Or to be more exact, not the act of eating, but the choice of what to eat. With every meal and snack, you’ve got a chance to offer your body ample and even additional nutrition. But many fall short of this objective… (more…)

24 Sep 2017

Health Benefits of Vegetables You Wish You Knew Earlier


healthy-skinEating more fresh vegetables is one of the easiest choices you can make to improve your overall health. A vegetable-rich diet can help you prevent arthritis, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, and also slow down your body’s aging process.

A recent research found that people who consume 7 or more portions of vegetables and fruit a day have a 42% lower risk of dying from any cause, compared to those who eat less than one portion—and vegetables have the greatest impact…

31 May 2016

Surprising Food Flavor That Helps You Lose Weight


healthy-dietGreater than 100 years ago, a Japanese chemist named Kikunae Ikeda discovered the secret that made dashi (a traditional seaweed soup) very delicious. It was glutamic acid that, in your body, is often found as glutamate.

This new flavour is named “umami,” which means “delicious” in Japanese, and only in 2002, modern-day scientists finally confirmed umami to be a fifth taste, along with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty…

30 May 2015

Israel Bans Fluoride


fluoridated-waterAdding to a growing global movement to acknowledge the serious health risks associated with fluoride exposure, as of August 26, 2014, the Ministry of Health in Israel lifted the mandatory requirement for water fluoridation that was put in place in 1970.

There is now a nationwide ban on water fluoridation in Israel, a decision Israeli Health Minister Yael German said “would allow Israeli parents and doctors to decide on their own whether to provide fluoride to children, in what doses, and in what manner.”…

29 May 2015

Consumers for Dental Choice Unfolds Brilliant Strategy to Undo “Silver Fillings” Deception, Which Is a Major Source of Environmental Pollution


dental-choice-deceptionMercury pollution is extremely persistent once in the air, water, and soil, and levels steadily increase over time as it accumulates. A number of industries contribute to mercury pollution, but dental offices are one of the primary culprits.

Dental amalgam, a tooth filling material that is 50 percent mercury—not silver—is the leading intentional use of mercury in the US, and dentist offices are the largest source of mercury in wastewater entering publicly owned treatment works…

28 May 2015

Certain Gut Bacteria Protect Against Food Allergies


allergic-reactionYour body’s microbiome—colonies of various microbes that reside in your gut and elsewhere in and on your body—is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

It varies from person to person based on factors such as diet, lifestyle, health history, geographic location, and even ancestry. Your microbiome is in fact one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet…

27 May 2015

Genetics Research—A Largely Failed Science Now Used for Social Control?



It’s convenient for them if you believe this lie – it works so well for collusion to suppress and control you. And it’s never ‘their’ fault because they…

26 May 2015

Prescription Painkiller Deaths Fall in Medical Marijuana States


medical-marijuanaA new study found that deaths from opioid overdoses have fallen sharply in the 23 US states where medical marijuana is now legal. Coincidence? Not likely.

For those with chronic pain, medical marijuana can be life changing, allowing a safer, natural form of treatment than the conventionally recommended pain-relieving drugs called opioids.

26 May 2015