Change Your Life In Ten Weeks

Change Your Life In Ten Weeks

Ebook Synopsis

Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [Second Edition 2014] is a step-by-step introduction and workbook to help you change your life for the better.

It introduces the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which requires you to carry out a current lifestyle evaluation. Your result then guides you in the change-life-hardydrawing up of a set of personally chosen self-improvement goals aimed at transforming your lifestyle in the way YOU want.

Once your goals are chosen and broken down into weekly targets, you work on implementing your Plan for a timeframe you choose, usually up to eight weeks.

The ebook is linked to a dedicated web site which  provides the reader with additional self-development resources and support.

Extensive documentation is included throughout the ebook to make easy the tasks of recording goals and targets and to monitor your weekly progress.

The Phoenix Plan is entirely free to follow. There are no purchases necessary nor are you required to divulge any personal details as you work through it.


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